The Workhorse Paul Kelly Announces Another Studio Album Out Soon

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The Workhorse Paul Kelly Announces Another Studio Album Out Soon Supplied

The workhorse that is Paul Kelly is back in 2018 with yet another studio album.

Can you believe it?

A year on from his awesome 2017 Life Is Fine release, Paul is releasing his follow up studio album, Nature, on October 12.

Excitingly, he's released the first single from the new album (complete with video clip), With The One I Love.



Paul has enlisted his regular band to perform recording duties, and again, the wonderful Bull sisters are back singing with the boys.

The unique thing about the new album is that it brings together poems from five literary greats - Dylan Thomas, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Phillip Larkin - alongside poems that Kelly wrote himself and later put to music, and his own original songs that came along in the usual way, as sounds sung to chords that then turned into words.

Kelly mentioned that he feels this new album is the natural progression from last year's Life In Fine.


"... I didn’t realise I had the makings of another album until I put the songs in a folder and saw the titles staring me in the face. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing until you look back... I think of ‘Nature’ as a companion piece to ‘Life Is Fine’, itself full of moons, rain, rocks, rivers, seas, smells and lovers.”

- Paul Kelly

Can't bloody wait! If his performance for us of the brilliant Firewood+Candles is anything to go by, Paul is in fine fine form!

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Written by: @dantheinternut