Toto Cover Weezer In Response To Weezer Covering Toto

Repay the favour

Toto Cover Weezer In Response To Weezer Covering Toto Image: Weezer/ Toto,

Talking to American rock radio station KROQ, American rock band Toto debuted their take on Weezer’s song Hash Pipe.

The cover, out 10th August is a response to Weezer covering and releasing Toto’s Africa, after fans were campaigning for a year (read more here).

The band embraced the Weezer version so much they’ve recorded Weezer’s 2001 single Hash Pipe to return to favour.

Although the band are fans of the song Beverly Hills they decided on the “rock’n’roll” track Hash Pipe.

Talking about the hit single Africa, Toto told KROQ’s Ted Stryker they’re shocked Weezer’s cover is the most requested rock song around the world right now.

When finishing the band’s fourth record, Toto IV, in 1982 Toto didn’t plan to include Africa on the record as they were confident with the lead single Rosanna.

Laughing about the fact Africa was included on the record, let alone be a timeless success the band joked;

“I said I’d run naked down Hollywood Blvd if it was a hit record”.

Toto’s Hash Pipe is August 10th.

Weezer's Africa is out now.
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