It's Time to Help Support our Farmers

rural families are in crisis

It's Time to Help Support our Farmers Drought Angels

Those suffering from drought in the Darling Downs and across the country need our help.

Drought Angels director Natasha Johnstone says that getting through this current situation is going to take a team effort by the entire country and is putting the call out to us to purchase gift cards and send anything we can to help those in need.

The shout out for help comes as shocking pictures and stories emerge from the bush showing our farmers and their families who are living on out of date food or not eating at all.

Drought Angels are asking us to send gift cards in particular pre-paid visa cards that will help those affected purchase items they so desperately need.

Drought Angels provide a unique service for which it is has become well known for within the rural sector.

Drought Angels are a small charity run by big hearts, a registered Not For Profit Charity dedicated to supporting Australian Farmers

Founded in Jan 2014, Drought Angels not only believe in supporting the farmer but also the local businesses in the area the farmers live, as the drought has a huge roll on effect in communities.

Queensland currently sits at nearly 60% drought declared and NSW is at 91% Drought affected - the drought is not ending and our rural families are in crisis.

For more details on how you can help head to:


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