TRC’s City Safe Program Stage Two is Well Underway

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TRC’s City Safe Program Stage Two is Well Underway

Toowoomba Regional Council have announced that they are well underway with the second stage of the City Safe Program.

The City Safe Program is a partnership arrangement between the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and Council and is one of the longest running CCTV programs in Queensland after the first camera became operational in January 1995.

The footage has been not only helpful in assisting the QPS with crime matters but was vital during the 2011 flood event as it provided real-time footage of what was happening around the city.

In total, there are 87 cameras as part of the City Safe Program. Stage two, which is due for completion in the 2018/19 financial year, will see the remainder of the analogue cameras replaced with digital equipment.

Stage two will also see the network expanded further, with cameras proposed for the City Golf Club Cycle Walk Way, Laurel Bank Park and Clewley Park Walkway. Council is also looking at introducing the network into regional towns such as Oakey.


The launch of the City Safe Program comes in a bid to help keep residents safe while also providing vital information for police.

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