Rare Vehicle Found in Goldfields

Seized as Part of recent Police Op

Rare Vehicle Found in Goldfields

We alerted you to a recent operation by Kalgoorlie Police and Kalgoorlie Detectives - Operation Horta.

As part of that Operation, the following vehicle was seized after allegedly being stolen in Perth in December 2016. As part of Operation Horta. 

According to Detective Senior Constable Constable Andy Kettle "Kalgoorlie Detectives executed a search warrant on 2nd March 2017, locating the vehicle in a sea container in Kalgoorlie. The vehicle is estimated to be worth in excess of $100,000."

Two people have been arrested and charged in relation to this matter and further inquiries are continuing.

As always Police thank the community for the continued crackdown on illicit drugs in the community and appreciate those who have helped with this Operation.