There Will Be Ribbon Weed Cutting At Victoria Lake From Next Week

Lake to be closed for 2 weeks

There Will Be Ribbon Weed Cutting At Victoria Lake From Next Week Greater Shepparton City Council

Ribbon weed cutting at Victoria Park Lake will be undertaken by Greater Shepparton City Council from Monday, October 8 for a period of two weeks. 

Image: Greater Shepparton City Council
During these two weeks, the Lake will be closed for all public use between the hours of 6am-6pm. This includes boating and swimming to ensure the maintenance takes place efficiently and safely. However, surrounding grass areas will remain open and will not be affected by the works. 
The process involves the use of an aquatic harvester boat which cuts the plant below the surface and stores the cut material on board for later disposal. Minor offcuts may wash up on banks over the next few days and will be removed by Council. 

Image: Greater Shepparton City Council
Greater Shepparton City Council Director Infrastructure Phil Hoare advised that the works are part of regular routine maintenance of the area, to ensure it remains a great community facility. The last maintenance works occurred in January 2018.
“Council will ensure that the works are completed efficiently and that fish and animals living in the lake are protected. Council works with its stakeholders to minimise interruptions to users.”
“Ribbon weed will remain in the wetland and other areas for its water treatment properties and to provide animal habitat,” said Mr Hoare.
For further information contact council on 5832 9700 or visit