Tassie's $1 million winner

New Norfolk woman celebrates

 Tassie's $1 million winner
A hard-working New Norfolk woman is celebrating with her family after discovering her regular numbers had won her $1 million in last night’s Monday Lotto.

She was one of only two division one winning entries in Tattslotto draw 3642.

Speaking to a Tatts official first thing this morning, the excited woman said she had checked her numbers online, but didn’t "dare believe the win was real until the prize had been confirmed by Tatts".

“I’m so excited! I’m bursting with excitement!” the woman said “I started checking my numbers and was just sitting there staring and then started thinking ‘No! There’s something wrong here!’. “We’ve been waiting to speak to Tatts this morning as we just couldn’t convince ourselves that this was true!”

The woman explained that she had been playing Lotto for a few years using family birthdates.

The winner said while she wasn’t going to rush into anything, she was going to use her windfall to pay off the mortgage and help family members.

“We’re going to figure it all out before we do anything. We’ve got people we want to help, but we want to get it right.”

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her System 7 entry from New Norfolk Pharmacy, on High Street, New Norfolk.

Along with the winning entry from New Norfolk, the other division one winning entry was purchased in New South Wales.

The winning numbers were 19, 13, 6, 33, 38 and 14. The supplementary numbers were 31 and 20.

The million dollar win kick starts a big week, with Oz Lotto offering $5 million tonight and Powerball jackpotting to $6 million on Thursday.