SES urges locals to prepare for wet week

Thunderstorms expected from today.

SES urges locals to prepare for wet week

The Mid North Coast region's SES Unit is encouraging residents to prepare for heavy downpours and possible flash flooding later this week.

While severe thunderstorm warnings were in place further north last night, our region was spared the damaging winds and heavy rains, with the SES receiving no callouts between the Hastings and the Nambucca.

However, the local service expects widespread thunderstorms with heavy localised rainfalls to develop the course of Tuesday and continue through until Friday.

The NSW SES advises residents to take the following actions to reduce the threats to property and personal safety during this weather event:

 Never enter flood water – this is the leading cause of death and injury during floods
 Park cars under cover away from trees, power lines and drains
 Listen to your local radio station and other media for information, updates and advice.
 Maintain yards, balconies and outdoor areas by securing or putting away items that could be picked up and blown around in strong winds.
 Locate and check your home emergency kit
 Should thunderstorms develop - unplug and avoid using electrical equipment connected to main power, landline phones or modems.
 Stay clear of swollen creeks, drains, causeways, gutters, streams, fallen trees or power lines
 If you need to drive please drive to the weather and road conditions.

NSW SES Mid North Coast Region Controller, Mr Tony Day said, “There is the possibility that northern parts of the Mid North Coast we will see cumulative rainfall totals of over 200mm by the end of this week.

"At this stage we are not expecting any significant riverine flooding however we are encouraging residents that live close to rivers and creeks to closely monitor weather warnings, to prepare now and to be ready to act early should conditions deteriorate."