Newcastle Lotto Winner Used Ticket As A 'Doodle Pad'

He had no idea he'd won!

Newcastle Lotto Winner Used Ticket As A 'Doodle Pad'

A Newcastle man's revealed he was using a Lotto ticket as a 'doodle pad', unaware it was actually worth $100,000.

The retiree picked up 1st prize in last week's Lucky Lotteries draw with a ticket bought from Stockton Newsagency.

The anonymous winner told officials he'd been writing down cat names on the back of the ticket after getting a new cat.

“The next minute, I look on the internet and see I’ve won and thought ‘sh##! I’ve written all over the back of this bloody ticket. I hope they still pay it!,' he said.

"If you look at the back of the ticket, you’ll see all the cats’ names."

He plans to use his winnings to help his kids, and go up the coast for a road trip to see some of his old mates.