Sydney Vivid Festival LAUNCHED!

2017 will be the biggest yet

Sydney Vivid Festival LAUNCHED!

Fireworks, fountains, lights, lasers, music, colour, and a (kinda creepy) giant set of eyes that follow you wherever you walk! 

That's what you're gonna get when you walk through Sydney's hot spots during May and June, for the 2017 Vivid Festival, which has been launched today!

This year is set to be the biggest yet, with over 260 events over the 23 nights.

The festival's creative director Ignatius Jones says wants you to think of it as a wonderland. 

"It's a little bit like Alice fell down that rabbit hole, and suddenly she came out and she didn't know where to look! At every corner there's something new and something pretty mad that you weren't expecting." 

He says creativity is like sport without an umpire. 

"There's something amazing about looking at your city, that you normally associate with your everyday world, and seeing it literally in a different light," he said.

"You start to see things you've never seen before, and people really enjoy that."


Imaginary creatures will come alive on the sails of Sydney Harbour Bridge, showing them interacting with the environment as they morph and move. 

Barangaroo will also be included in Vivid for the first time, and Taronga Zoo will be part of it again this year with interactive sharks as part of its popular Lights for the Wild show.

Anyone who goes for a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens during Vivid will be confronted by a giant set of eyes, that follow you around!

As for music, indie band Fleet Foxes will headline, back from a 5 year hiatus!

Meanwhile Aussie Nick Murphy (formerly Chet Faker), The Avalanches, Laura Marling, and electronic duo AIR will perform.

Fleet Foxes will headline 

The event will run from from May 26- June 17