Why So Many Aussie Musos Love Playing This Border Venue

It's all due to this...

Why So Many Aussie Musos Love Playing This Border Venue

In recent years the SS&A Club has become one The Border's live music hubs.  Chances are you've seen a gig there; whether it be an up and coming act, a cover band, or one of the industry's veterans, the SS&A has seen a huge amount of artists and live music fans through its doors.

Time and time again when artists choose their touring route, they like to put Albury on the list of dates - and in particular the SS&A Club.  The Black Sorrows' Joe Camilleri loves playing here, Angry Anderson says it's a spot they always know they'll have a good time at... But why?

Ask most of them and they'll tell you "it's Bob".  Bob being Bob Harris, the SS&A Club's band booker, or as he's officially known, the 'Events and Entertainment Manager.'

With Oztober a celebration of all things Aussie music, Pip sits down with Bob to chat about what makes the club a favourite for many of our homegrown icons and gets a very exciting tease of what's in store for Border live music fans.

For all upcoming events, see the SS&A Club website.