Ben Jacobs Out Indefinitely While He Recovers From Concussion

Bad news for the North man

Ben Jacobs Out Indefinitely While He Recovers From Concussion Image: AAP

North Melbourne tagger Ben Jacobs will sit out indefinitely while he recovers from the concussion symptoms that have kept him out of four of the last five games.

Jacobs has played just one game since North’s round 12 loss to Geelong, and has been a late withdrawal from the side three times in that stretch.

Jacobs will be restricted from training while he recovers.

"We made a decision earlier in the week that he wouldn't play just purely because we've gone through this cycle of train and see how he pulls up and then he wasn't quite right and then we'd repeat that. We've repeated that four or five times," North coach Brad Scott told reporters.

"There is an amount of evidence that suggests that light cardiovascular work can improve concussion symptoms, but that hasn't been the case with Ben.

"So we've taken the decision that we're just going to rest him completely until he has zero concussion symptoms before we do some light cardiovascular work.

"When that will be, hopefully it's not too far away. The risk is then that he needs to be reloaded again in terms of playing, but as far as I'm concerned until we get his head and neck right the rest doesn't matter.”

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