Liam Picken Reveals The Harrowing Effects Of Post-Concussion Syndrome

"It can be a lonely and dark road."

Liam Picken Reveals The Harrowing Effects Of Post-Concussion Syndrome Image: AAP

Western Bulldogs veteran Liam Picken has detailed the effects of post-concussion syndrome in an open post on social media.

In a thread on Twitter, Picken, who has missed the whole season to date, went in depth about the complexities and severities of concussion and post-concussion syndrome, explaining it can be a "lonely and dark road".

"Concussion is an extremely complex injury with so many unknowns. It’s also an injury that not many people really understand," he wrote.

"And because it’s an injury with symptoms less visible to others unlike breaking a leg etc, it’s hard for others to understand what you’re going through. In fact, it can be a lonely and dark road to travel.


"Then a small minority don’t recover from concussion as quickly and have a longer road to recovery. Those people are usually diagnosed with post concussion syndrome, like me."

Picken detailed the long list of symptoms that had been causing him problems.

"Some of the symptoms that have impacted me have been light and noise sensitivity, noise ringing in my ears, vision, headaches, migraines, mental wellness, memory function and impaired balance," he wrote.

"Some of these I still have and others I’ve fully recovered from. I’m hoping it‘s any day now.

"But one of the hardest aspects of post concussion syndrome is not knowing when you’ll get better. People still ask what’s going on with me or why I’m not playing yet. And although it’s been made clear to me that I’m on the road to full health, the timeline is unclear."

He hoped him speaking out would help other people who suffer from concussion understand.

"I just want to encourage anyone that may have been hit, suffered concussion and doesn’t feel 100% to speak up and seek help," he said.

"And hopefully my transparency has helped other’s that may be feeling alone in their journey."