Tom Browne Says Robert Walls’s Move Back To Carlton Is “In Jeopardy”

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Tom Browne Says Robert Walls’s Move Back To Carlton Is “In Jeopardy”

Hot Breakfast footy reporter Tom Browne says that the deal to get Carlton legend Robert Walls back to the club is “in jeopardy”.

Browne said that the Blues were looking to get Walls in to increase the support structures around Brendon Bolton and to help oversee decisions made by the club, and that they were set to announce the news last week before he spooked them by breaking it.


“I reported last week that there were some power brokers outside Carlton who are very influential that want Robert Walls to be involved in the football department,” Browne said.

“Carlton came out and said Wallsy’s already mentoring Brendon Bolton which is all well and good, but I understand they were ready to announce this arrangement until before I broke it last week and some people at the club including the president are now concerned about leaks and it’s put the deal in jeopardy because if Robert Walls has this non-full time, non-paying job in the football department it could put a few people offside.”

Browne said that Wallsy’s role would be that of “an observer”.

“I think these power brokers want to put in an observer just to put in some governance and rigour around the decisions that Carlton’s making,” Browne said.

“They've already aligned, Carlton, they’ve got got guys there, they’ve just appointed a new footy boss, they've got Stephen Silvagni (as list manager), they've got a good CEO (Cain Liddle), a good president (in) Mark LoGiudice, but I think these guys want to put in an observer with some experience just to add some rigour and their decisions.

“It’s not Carlton making this appointment, it’s a couple of external people. I think one of them is Mike Fitzpatrick that just want to see Walls have more involvement and effectively report back and just observe.”

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