Matty Johns Teaches Nathan Ross Newcastle Victory Song

Watch the video.

Matty Johns Teaches Nathan Ross Newcastle Victory Song

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Newcastle won its first NRL game in 335 days over the weekend, defeating Gold Coast on Saturday.

But much was made of the fact a few of the boys didn’t know the team song. Knights flyer and all-round top bloke, Nathan Ross was put on the spot on the Matty Johns Show on Fox Sports. Watch the video below.

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The Grill Team's Matty Johns was at the Knights v Titans game on Saturday afternoon, along with the 17 most capped players at the club for a special commemorative event.

The group presented the current squad with their jerseys before the game, but for Matty, it was a moment after the game in the sheds that really stood out.

"Jamie Buhrer came up to me and goes 'I can't believe how short the team victory song is!' Matty said. Listen to the full interview below.

"And I said 'Yeah, yeah' and then he holds up a sheet of paper and says 'Is this it here?'

"And I said 'Mate, what's this sheet all about?'

"And he said 'Mate, no one knows it'.

"So everyone was standing there with their sheets. It the first time a lot of them had done it, so it was a real good day out."

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