Do Not Pass Go: Fortnite Monopoly Is Here To Ruin Your Life And/ Or Family

Less money, more health points

Do Not Pass Go: Fortnite Monopoly Is Here To Ruin Your Life And/ Or Family Donald Mustard/ Twitter

In news that will horrify anyone who believes that people spend too much time playing video games, Hasbro and the brains behind Fortnite have announced the boardgame of our dreams.

Aptly called "Fortnite Monopoly", the game has ditched the Scottish dog, hat and boot in favour of Pawn Stands, reportedly ranging from Cuddle Team Leader to the rare Skull Trooper.

And you can forget about trying to collect money, too; you'll be docked health points rather than cash in Fortnite Monopoly, although the aim of the game is still to be the last one standing.

Fortnite's creative director Donald Mustard posted a photo of the final artwork to Twitter while confirming the release date.

"Thrilled to show you the final art and game board for Fortnite Monopoly!" he said. "It's so so fun and such a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing Fortnite.

"In stores Oct 1st!!!"


Some other changes you can expect from the original Monopoly: traditional property names will be replaced with locations from the Battle Royale map - like for example, Tilted Towers - and players will have the option to take shots at their opponents to damage their health.

Fortnite Monopoly will hit shelves this October, which should you give you plenty of time to have it in the house to absolutely destroy your family this Christmas.