Esperance Best Winners!

As voted by you!

Esperance Best Winners!

That's right, for the next 3 weeks Triple M are on a mission to find the absolute best that Southwest has to offer. Of course, there's only one way to do this right - listening to YOU.

With 12 different categories, we can only get this done with the help of your local knowledge and the all powerful vote you have at your disposal. Tune in to find out who wins! 



Winner-Bean Break

Is there nothing better than a morning coffee? In my humble opinion, no, there isn’t unless that coffee is supplemented with an amazing view of our Esperance coastline.


Fortunately for us in the south-east of the state, we are privy to some high-quality coffee joints and we here at Triple M wanted to celebrate and recognise the best of Esperance coffee for 2018.


Honourable mentions must go to Coffee Cat, and Taylor Street Quarters, who both boast beautiful views of Esperance Bay and do superb coffee (Taylor Street do a great almond milk latte!) BUT the winner of the 2018 Best of Esperance Coffee competition goes to:




Perched inside a van outside the Castletoun caravan park, with a spectacular view of the Quays, Bean Break consistently provides locals with delicious morning coffee. Reece and Mike run the business, with Reece being the expert barista.


“We take pride making sure the taste and the flavour’s there. It’s not just the flavour, I think it’s the fact that Reece and myself and the girls, Tracey and Milly who work for us, all give a friendly smile and we all take real pride in serving a good cup of coffee” Mike told Sean on the Triple M Breakfast Show.


Also, some insight from the Bean Break team about what b you shouldn’t do when making the perfect brew, barring of course burning the milk.


“When you blend your beans and you grind them and you don’t have the right texture and timing of the water going through the beans then you can have your bitter tastes… it’s a science”





The ‘Parmi’ is a pub grub staple, a meal for the bar tragic, the benchmark for the hotel menu, a delightful collection of chicken, chips, cheese and of course, that dreamy and delicious parmigiana sauce.


In Esperance, we are lucky to have a number of venues that excel at the execution of the Parmi. From the traditional pubs, like the Pier and the Motor Hotel, to smaller cafes like Breakaway and Ocean Blues, there are plenty of Parmi renditions that deserve mention and accolades, but only ONE can be crowned the BEST PARMI OF ESPERANCE. And that winner is…




The award comes at a wonderful time for the Travs, who are currently revamping their menu with new head chef Daniel, who started working in the kitchen again after eight years away from the pub. Voters were probably drawn towards the Travellers because of the variety of Parmi on offer there. They boast adjusted versions of the traditional menu such as ‘the Godfather’ and the ‘Chilli Prawn’ and Daniel is committed to continue tinkering with the menu and more scrumptious Parmi alternatives.


Daniel is more than just a Parmi chef, he promised to revamp the whole menu! Get down to the Travs and check it out!


Winner-Top End Takeaway

Esperance is on the hunt for the BEST OF in town, and now we have uncovered the BEST FISH AND CHIPPERY!




Being a seaside town, Esperance is fortunate to have fish and chip institutions with access to some of the freshest and delicious fish in the country. The standard is incredibly high. Top End got the nod in front of Castletown Fish and Chips and Fish Face who are both favourites in the area.


This isn’t Top End’s first award either, a few years ago they won the ‘Best Burger’ in town! So this recent accolade is just another string to their bow. Open for lunch and dinner get down to Top End on the corner of Dempster and William Street for your delightful and award-winning cuisine!