AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize all thanks to Cold Front Air Conditioning, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. Lifting the metal thing off a clipboard
  2. Opening and closing a folder
  3. Ripping off a band aid from your finger
  4. Opening a creaky door
  5. Opening a soft drink can
  6. Someone bouncing a ruler on the edge of a desk
  7. Mouse trap
  8. A swinging shower door
  9. Putting a CD back in the case
  10. Putting the coffee cup back into the tray
  11. Soap dispenser
  12. A hole punch
  13. Ring pull off a can
  14. Sticky tape cutting off on a serrated edge
  15. Opening a box of washing powder
  16. Putting your foot down on a pedal rubbish bin
  17. Opening the locks on a briefcase
  18. Pushing down the dice popper on 'trouble', the board game
  19. Pushing a straw into a McDonalds cup lid
  20. Putting your sun visor down on the car
  21. Tying the knot in a balloon after blowing it up
  22. Spring door stop
  23. Cutting through an apple on a cutting board
  24. Opening or closing a ring binder
  25. Pulling a finger on a rubber glove and letting go
  26. Pulling a velcro belt off a piece of clothing
  27. Bouncing a table tennis ball closely between the bat and the table
  28. Putting a Chinese container lid on
  29. A hole punch
  30. Flicking up the latch on a briefcase
  31. When you fill up your petrol tank when it clicks when you can't fit anymore petrol in
  32. Cracking a nut with a nut cracker
  33. Opening up a sushi packet
  34. A pepper grinder
  35. Tying up a balloon
  36. Separating bananas
  37. Spinning a coin on a table
  38. Pulling the cap off the tennis ball cylinder
  39. Automatic air freshener
  40. Opening or a closing lever arch folder
  41. Biting into an apple
  42. Vegetable slicer when you push it down and it springs back up
  43. Flick top lid on a squeeze bottle
  44. The tab on a packet of wet wipes
  45. Popping open an umbrella
  46. A staple gun
  47. Opening a coke can
  48. Rubbing your hand across a balloon
  49. Untying a balloon
  50. Tapping on a tamper proof jar
  51. Taking the cork out of a bottle of wine
  52. Opening the seal on a plastic milk bottle
  53. Separating the egg yolk from an egg white using a plastic bottle
  54. Electronic adding machine
  55. Pushing a straw through the top of a takeaway drink container
  56. Pushing the lid on a coffee cup
  57. Opening a can of drink
  58. Putting the loop around the button of Aussie made ugg boots
  59. An asthma puffer
  60. Taking the lid off a Nescafe coffee jar
  61. Open or close a flip folder
  62. Using a hammer to pull a nail out of a piece of wood
  63. Opening the door and clicking it back into the doorstop
  64. Start of somebody snoring
  65. The lever that you pull on a nerf gun when you go to reload
  66. Pulling the cork out of a wine bottle
  67. Twisting a pepper grinder
  68. Ring pull on a can
  69. Tightening your petrol cap
  70. Unscrewing a wine cork
  71. Opening a soft drink bottle
  72. Opening a lolly wrapper
  73. : A hole punch
  74. Snapping a carrot
  75. Soap dispenser
  76. Putting a key in a lock
  77. When you squeeze a nearly empty sauce bottle
  78. Pulling a drink bottle out of a stubby cooler
  79. Scratching a balloon
  80.  “Having a grot” (Coughing phlegm out of your throat)
  81. Squeezing a sauce packet
  82. Guillotine paper cutter
  83. Undoing a velcro belt/ A stapler
  84. Somebody putting up a zipper on a wetsuit
  85. Squeaky hinge on door
  86. Sliding marbles in a box
  87. Unlocking a briefcase
  88. A newton’s cradle
  89. Opening a zip lock bag
  90. Tearing off a bit of sticky tape
  91. Taking the lid of a coffee jar
  92. Pushing a dome on a game board
  93. When you pull a Christmas cracker and it doesn’t go off
  94. A set of hand grips
  95. Self inking office stamps
  96. Opening long life milk
  97. Taking a rubber band off the mail
  98. Ripping the top off a tissue box
  99. Binding machine that punches the holes into the spine of the paper
  100. A nail being pulled out of a piece of timber with a core hammer
  101. Spraying cologne
  102. Pulling a cork out of a wine bottle
  103. A hole punch
  104. Hitting a ping pong ball
  105. Automatic air freshener
  106. Taking a plunger off the table
  107. Closing metal binder folder clips
  108. Crushing a clove of garlic with a garlic clove crushe
  109. Putting on a rubber glove
  110. Using a set of nail clippers
  111. Tightening up a plastic fuel cap
  112. Photocopier machine
  113. Putting the peg down when your hanging out your washing
  114. Crushing a nut in a nut crusher
  115. Peeling a banana
  116. Retracting a tape measure
  117. Plaster's stapler
  118. Taking the top off lip balm
  119. A cable tie being tightened
  120. Ripping sticky tape off a sticky tape dispenser
  121. Lifting the lid off a takeaway container
  122. A mouse trap
  123. Taking the coat hanger off the rail in the wardrobe
  124. Putting your wedding band down on the table/
  125. Opening baby puree food
  126. Ripping the edge of a cardboard box
  127. Pulling the handle down on a Nespresso pod machine
  128. Opening or closing a plastic lunchbox
  129. Kids squishing down kids slime
  130. Pushing a straw through a plastic cup lid
  131. Pushing a Panadol out of the packet
  132. Deodorant dispenser in a bathroom
  133. Opening a music jewellery box
  134. pulling the door handle down
  135. When you put the legs down on a party hire table
  136. Cracking the top of an egg off
  137. Someone using a Ventolin inhaler
  138. When you play on a pinball machine
  139. When you open a jar of vegemite and you break the seal
  140. A guillotine cutting through paper
  141. Opening a combination safe
  142. Opening a beer
  143. Pulling the pin on a pinball machine
  144. Waxing strips being peeled off
  145. Snapping the finger on a rubber glove
  146. Holding the end of a pen and flicking it on a table
  147. Automatic air freshener
  148. Taking the rubber band off a packet of sushi
  149. Flicking a ruler
  150. When you start the sticky tape
  151. Opening and closing a door on a front loading washing machine
  152. Flicking a rubber band onto a piece of paper
  153. Windscreen wipers being lifted open
  154. Packing tape gun
  155. Lifting the lever on the lever arch file
  156. Tying a balloon animal
  157. Opening a medicine bottle
  158. Hitting the ball on a foosball table.
  159. Releasing the coffee pod from a coffee machine
  160. A Stapler
  161. Putting your seatbelt on
  162. Pulling a cup out of a water dispenser
  163. Someone rubbing a finger across a balloon
  164. When you pull up the handbrake in
  165. Locking a deadbolt
  166. Adjusting the lever on an office chair
  167. The ball dropping into place on a roulette wheel
  168. A mousetrap
  169. Opening the arm on a pair of glasses
  170. The hand tape dispenser to do up a cardboard box
  171. Opening a Pringles tin
  172. Crushing a clove of garlic in a hand held garlic press
  173. Opening a beer bottle with a bottle opener
  174. Opening a flip top lid on a shampoo bottle
  175. Automatic air freshener
  176. Pulling a nail out of a piece of wood with a hammer
  177. Racking up pool table balls
  178. Cutting an orange
  179. Master food sauce when you crack it open and squeeze
  180. Opening the lid on a shampoo bottle
  181. Lifting the skirting boards with a hammer claw
  182. Opening a packet of pringles
  183. Taking off a pair of rubber gloves
  184. Connecting a garden hose to a tap
  185. Whiteboard marker
  186. Playing table tennis on your own
  187. Closing your seat belt
  188. Undoing a new roll of gladwrap
  189. Putting the lid on a takeaway coffee cup
  190. Flicking down the lock on a sliding door
  191. Squeezing a bulldog clip
  192. Opening a clothes dryer
  193. Pen along the spine of a binder
  194. Clicking the tongs together
  195. Clip that holds down paper in a folder
  196. Flossing your teeth
  197. Taking a parking ticket in a shopping centre car park
  198. The middle part of a key flicking out
  199. Lifting or putting down a petrol bowser
  200. Opening or shutting a microwave door
  201. The cord of the vacuum cleaner going back in
  202. Clicking a pen
  203. Deadbolt lock on a door
  204. An ATM
  205. Opening a tin of baked beans
  206. Popping batteries in and out of a remote
  207. Blinker on your car when you around the corner
  208. The opening and closing off a flip top lid on a toothpaste
  209. A soap dispenser in a toilet
  210. Opening a door handle on the car
  211. Opening or closing of the dishwasher tab where you put the powder
  212. Opening or closing a lever arch folder
  213. Central locking
  214. Opening a coin purse
  215. A coffee pod into a coffee machine
  216. The gun that they use to pierce your ears
  217. Breaking off some dental floss
  218. Breaking a piece of celery off
  219. Pulling the tag off a fire extinguisher
  220. Opening a jar and the vacuum seal breaking
  221. Tearing off masking tape
  222. Taking a phone out of a car cradle
  223. Opening a window in the house
  224. Closing the lid off a coffee machine
  225. Using a sticky tape dispenser
  226. A plastic stamp
  227. Liquid paper pen when you shake it
  228. The metal lid of a coffee jar with a spoon
  229. The lever of a kettle
  230. Pushing the lever down on a toaster
  231. Adjusting an office chair
  232. Pushing down the button on a jug
  233. Opening a can of drink really slowly
  234. Popping the pill out of a pill container
  235. Pulling a plastic cup out of a water dispenser
  236. When you stretch a balloon
  237. Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  238. Glass cookie jar releasing the metal latch
  239. Hanging up a telephone