Sounds of the South West

Sounds of the South West


Can you believe that Sounds of the South West finally went off ????

If you missed it here's how it played out on the Triple M Southwest brekky show-


Sounds of the South West returns tomorrow morning thanks to Ausmic pest control - 

"Nobody likes the sound of creepy crawlies, but everyone loves this Sound, for Ausmic pest control”


List of things it's not

- A parrot dropping from it's cage in Collie

- Flyboard hitting the ground in Busso

- Hitting a hammer on a sheet of iron at a metal works in Bunbury

- Someone changing a tyre at Tyrepower in Treendale

- A bird scarer going off in Witchcliffe

- Banging a frypan down at a restaurant in Bunbury

- Shooting a gun at Tuart Range

- Dropping a book on a desk in the library

- Dropping a can of soup at the IGA in Capel

- A panel beater working at Guppies in Collie

- Closing a vat lid on a dairy farm in Busselton

- A toaster popping up at Back Beach Cafe

- Dropping a bowling ball at the Bunbury Bowling Alley

- Cleaning a vine vat at Harris River Estate

- Cliff Reeve shooting birds anywhere in the South West 

- Somebody beating on a drum kit at the Boulevard Hotel in Bunbury

- Dropping a plank of wood at Bunnings in Treendale

- Firing a gun at the Bunbury Pistol Club

- Slamming a kettle on the stove at the Back Beach Cafe

- Putting a frypan on the stove at the Wild Bull Brewery

- Slamming a door at the Underwater Observatory in Busselton

- Angry Anderson smashing his head on a door at the 50 Mile Road mark

- A bird scarer going off at Whicher Ridge Winery

- Hitting a squash ball at the courts in Bunbury

- Kicking a fence in front of Triple M in Bunbury


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